Gwinnett County Regulations 

At times, homeowners do have legitimate concerns regarding the condition of their neighbors home, parking issues, and health code violations.  The homeowners association can often act as your first line of contact, however, often these offending homeowners are in violation of Gwinnett County Regulations as well.  If the offending homeowner is not a WCSTA member, the board has no authority to enforce the covenants on that particular home...  HOWEVER... often times, these homes are in direct violation of Gwinnett County Codes and Regulations.  If you have a problem with a neighbor home that is not a WCSTA member, you can check the GwinCo regs by clicking on the link below, and, we have also included a link to the Gwinnett County Website where you can file a complaint directly with them online.  We have found them to be quite responsive, and would hope that you find them attentive as well. 

Gwinnett County Online Code Violation Submission Form
Complain Here Online to Gwinnett County for Non-WCSTA Members!
Gwinnett County Regulations
Check to see if your neighbor is in violation of county reg's here.
Gwinnett County Parking Regulations
Got an unsightly junked car parked in a driveway?  10 cars parked regularly in front of your neighbor's house and on the street?  Check to see county ordinances regarding parking violations here.
County Property Maintenance Brochure
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